Security and Trade in African Borderlands

Special issue of Journal of Borderlands Studies Guest editor: Olivier J. Walther, Ph.D., University of Florida Abstract submission deadline: September 15, 2020 Background In recent decades, the multiplication of trade facilitation initiatives in Africa has been accompanied by a deterioration of security conditions in border areas. Trade activities have been significantly disrupted by political insecurity,Continue reading “Security and Trade in African Borderlands”

Have African conflicts become more urban?

By Ewan Davies, University of Oxford Africa is currently undergoing rapid urban expansion. According to the 2020 Africapolis report, Africa’s urban population has increased from 27 million in 1950 to 567 million in 2015, with further rapid growth projected to continue. The consequences of this rapid growth on the distribution of armed conflict in AfricaContinue reading “Have African conflicts become more urban?”

Uncovering the internal structure of Boko Haram

By Olivier J. Walther, University of Florida The internal structure of violent extremist organizations such as Boko Haram in West Africa remains largely unknown due to their secretive nature. Of particular importance is whether violent extremist organizations are centralized around a few key hubs or composed of highly decentralized cells. In a new paper publishedContinue reading “Uncovering the internal structure of Boko Haram”

What makes West African border cities special?

By Olivier J. Walther, University of Florida In a new paper published in French in IG today, African Networks Lab Coordinator Olivier Walther, Lawali Dambo and Moustapha Koné examine West Africa’s urbanization process and the demographic role of border cities in the region. The paper shows that West African border cities are different from otherContinue reading “What makes West African border cities special?”

Network analysis of regional livestock trade in West Africa

By Valerie Valerio, University of Florida Live animals are the most valued food product traded in West Africa. Long and complex value chains connect livestock producers in the Sahel with consumption basins in urban areas and the coast. In this region, livestock trade is highly informal and despite recent efforts to understand animal mobility patterns,Continue reading “Network analysis of regional livestock trade in West Africa”